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Vidor Kis-Márton

CEO, Co-Owner

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  • Why use 10 trucks to transport 20 containers when you only need 2?

  • Why use 300 m² of storage space when you only need 30 m²?

  • How can you save 80% in transport and storage costs?

  • Finally, why spend hours setting up temporary buildings when you can do it in minutes?

The answer to these questions:
Continest Foldable Container Solutions

CN FOB – Forward Operating Base

The Continest FOB represents the next generation of mission support solution

The Continest units are specially developed for various purposes in the fields of defence, medical and disaster management, with several custom made add-on solutions such as: ballistic protection, sanitary block, renewable power storage and generation.

  • Efficient deployment and redeployment due to our foldable technology

  • Various applications due to the modular and multifunctional systems

  • Decrease of logistical and operational resources as well risk mitigation

  • MOTS and COTS compatibility

  • NATO interoperability due to standardized technological platforms

Forward Operating Base concept






Motorpool Maintenace


SF/SOF Isolation Building


C2 Workspace


Field Kitchen




Staff Living Facilities


Gym Box




Infantry Platoon


Infantry Platoon

CN MSR – Deployable Military Shooting Range

Foldable container technology

A unique mobile shooting range system based on foldable container technology

The mobile shooting range system was developed within the framework of a joint research and development project with the Institute of Modernization of the Hungarian Defence Forces in order to create dynamically relocatable and safe environment for conducting shooting exercises.

During the development, we created an armoured and soundproof shooting range based on a new foldable solution specially developed by Continest for this project, that is suitable for live fire exercises with military steel core ammunition. A solution which is unique in the world.

CN Hybrid

The CN Hybrid unit is the result of the cooperation of two market leaders from different industry sectors: innovative infrastructure solutions by Continest (HUN) and power storage and management by Axsol (DEU).

The concept of the unit is to provide the most efficient energy production and storage combination for deployed infrastructure systems regardless of the geographical and environmental conditions.

Due to the smart energy management system integrated in the CN20 unit, the built in batteries, the solar PV array and the generator provide permanent and safe power generation while the fuel consumption of the geretor is decreased with 50–70% and its maintenance cycles with 80%. The fuel and maintennance savings, the autonomous operation combined with the logistical efficiency of the foldable uwnits creates a unique solution for anyone operating in the field no matter where and when.

The key of the systems performance is the possibility of connecting several power sources with the help of a central inverter – Victron Energy MultiPlus II 48V/5000/70, generating and storing energy the most efficient way.

Field tested during Brave Warrior 2020 Hungary (10–24 Sept).

CN MTC – Mobile Training Center

The ultimate laserless technology for indoor training

The Mobile Training Center is an innovative solution jointly developed by Continest Technologies Plc. (Hungary) and Guardiaris (Slovenia), which debuted in Budapest at the GSOF (Global Special Operation Forces) Symposium Europe in 2022.

Continest designs and delivers high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions for the defense industry. With the help of Continest’s mobile foldable container solution, the unit, built with a world-class simulation system, can be quickly set-up and equipped on any terrain, and is perfectly suited to support immediate training requirements. Migration, border violations, and terrorism are today’s critical and demanding issues which need rapid compact solutions.

CN Shield – Ballistic Wall

Additional Modular Ballistic Wall | Shield System Generation

A custom made add-on frame & panel system that provides ballistic protection, and can be installed on already operational units (currently up to NIJ 3+ protection level).

With CN Shield elements, which can be easily placed on the side walls and tops of our containers, we can provide protection to those inside. They can be used regardless of the number of containers (one or more connected together).

The walls give protection against 0.22 mm, 9 mm, 5.56 mm and 7.62 NATO caliber and shrapnel.

  • Ballistic protection is ensured by the SSAB Armox 600T

  • Protection against 0.22 mm, 9 mm, 5.56 mm and 7.62 NATO caliber and shrapnel

  • Modular system

  • Easy to install onto CN 20 and CN Hybrid

  • Can be applied to stand alone and modularly assembled containers

  • Stackable transportation of the shield panels on top of one another

CN CP – Checkpoint

Deployable multifunctional & modular solution

Can be easily deployed and setted up in any climate and risk environment.

The system can generate its own power need and provide the suitable protection level to different threat levels.

The fit out can be medical, civilian or any other function.

The units can be delivered fully equipped with surveillance systems on the checkpoint as well with perimeter protection systems.

Humanitarian Disaster in Ukraine

References – 2022 Q2, Q3

Humanitarian Disaster in Ukraine
Odessa, Butsha, Csap, Budapest, Győr, Beregsurány, etc.
Order of Malta (H)
George Pataki Leadership and Learning Center (USA)
Magyar Vöröskereszt (H)
Hungarian American Coalition  (USA)
Carpathian Foundation (UA)
Educational institutions (H)
Verőce School (H)
Erzsébet camp (H)

Building a New Kindergarten in Borodyanka, Ukraine

In just 6 days, we built a new container-based kindergarten in the yard next to the community’s bombed out kindergarten building in Borodyanka, near Kiev. The foldable and fixed frame container units were manufactured in Continest’s factory in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. A total of 23 containers makes up this new, modern building commissioned by MÖSZ (Hungarian Interchurch Aid). Our Ukrainian partner, SKLAD Service, helped us with the construction.

CN10 Bed-Stay

Quick and easy to set-up, yet refined, CN10 Bed-Stay is the perfect sleep accommodation for visitors and staff at open-air festivals or anywhere there is a need for relatively short-term accommodation (e.g., military field exercises, emergency humanitarian or disaster situations).

The CN10 Bed-Stay is based on the standard foldable CN10 standard container, in which 2 bed frame systems with mattresses are installed into the floor, so comfortable sleeping accommodations for 2 people can be easily created in just a few minutes.

  • Bed size: 190×75 cm
  • Bed height: ~53.5 cm
  • A 200×80×50 cm (L×W×H) storage space is available under the beds

Trays inside the floor made of 18mm waterproof plywood serve as storage for the bed components during transport. The lids of the trays are made of 18 mm step-resistant plywood, which function as walking surfaces when closed and as bed legs when opened.

The bed frame is made up of sturdy aluminum rails, into which the mattress can be threaded in seconds, and thus the bed is ready for immediate use after snapping it into the console mounted inside the lid.

CN Cargo

The next generation logistical solution

Continest continues to revolutionize the industry with its foldable container solutions. The latest innovation in cargo transport: The CN Cargo 20′ foldable cargo container premiered at the Intermodal Europe 2022 in Amsterdam.

Along with the worldwide event, medical, defense, and humanitarian aid sectors already served by Continest’s technology, the cargo industry can now also benefit from reduced transportation and storage costs while contributing to a global effort to reduce CO2 and GHG emissions.

Empty runs and limited space are no longer obstacles when 5 folded CN Cargo units can be stored and transported in the space of 1 standard container.



Travismos will provide a mobile, modular, scalable, and flexible virtual simulation solution for rapid field deployment in urban, rural or desolated areas.

It will offer squad level scenarios for tactical operations while supporting geographically dispersed interoperability with other systems via standard interfaces. It will offer a real-time monitoring of the individual trainee to ensure effective uptake and optimum adaptability of the training and simulation set up.


Selected projects European Defence Fund (EDF) 2022

Sustainable mobility and interoperability of deployable infrastructure solutions

Sustainability, deployability, competitiveness