CN F&S – Fold and Shoot

R&D project based on the proven foldable technology of CONTINEST Technologies Plc

Purpose of the project:

To develop a unique shooting range that supports all rifle and pistol training sessions up to 7,62×39 steel core and 5,56×45 NATO rounds. Consists of rigid containers as “firing lane container“ and “bullet trap container“ and linked with armoured, foldable, noise insulated Continest containers. The project is running upon request of the Hungarian Defence Forces.

  • Design criteria
    • minimum 20 m long training space for 4-5 shooters,
    • fully enclosed armour shell prevents bullets leaving the range,
    • conditioned air is continuously ventilated to prevent lead poisoning, provides 20-24 °C, within the range of +50 °C and -15 °C outside temperature,
    • fully deployable within 12 hours,
    • the intermediate portions are interchangeable. The length of the range is expandable,
    • the range provides an outstanding noise insulation, the maximum environmental noise 10 meters from the range is 50dB.
    • all electrical systems are according to IP54,
    • all side walls, ceiling and floor capture rounds of negligent discharges, without ricochet and fragmentation leaving the surfaces,
    • LED lighting with 500 lux illumination on the range and 1500 lux on targets,
    • the full shooting range fits two semi trucks,
    • all systems are inside the containers, including the HVAC, bullet traps, heating elements, LED lights etc.

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