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Use Cases

Continent’s modular, foldable infrastructure can fit almostany needed spanning Disaster Relief, Event Management, Transitional Housing, and Mobile Office Space
Rapid Global Response

Disaster Relief

Units ship 10-20 per flatbed and set up on any flat surface in under 5 minutes
Revolutionary Event Space

Sports & Entertainment

Easy pop-up vending space and customized event infrastructure
Elegant Short Term Dwellings

Transitional Housing

Turnkey solution, prewired with electrical
World-Class Work Space

Mobile Offices

Well insulated, aesthetic interiors and exteriors for a world-class job site
‘A container city on the island of Maui is being built from foldable container units’

Our sustainable, modular infrastructure will build your trust

Continest manufactures, sells, and leases world-class, innovative mobile office space, temporary housing solutions, and event management infrastructure that help our clients create the most rapidly deployable, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing temporary space solutions on Earth. 


U.S.-patented modular, foldable technology reduces the costs for transportation and storage, as well as emissions during shipment, by up to 80%


Units can be shipped 10-20 per single flatbed trailer and setup and taken down in just 5 minutes or less


CE Certified and fully tested for seismic strength, fire suppression, wind loads, and harsh weather conditions


Easily removable wall panels allow for fully customizable configurations to create larger meeting rooms, dining areas, and congregate shelters.

Ready to drastically slash your logistics expenses and carbon footprint, all while maintaining top-notch quality, safety and comfort?

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