Rapid Rehousing, Mobile Medical Aid Stations, Command Posts, Security Checkpoints & More

Rapid Rehousing

Medical Aid Stations

Information Booths

Mobile Command Posts


Continest’s modular, foldable infrastructure solutions provide the world’s most rapidly deployable temporary housing and mobile command space.

In the past two years alone we have been honored and grateful to be able to provide housing for refugees from the crisis of Ukraine, build mobile medical aid stations in Uganda alongside the WHO, and provide an immediate housing solution for victims of the tragic fires in Lahaina, Maui.

Rapid Deployment

Our patented, foldable technology reduces height of units to less than 2 feet in the closed position making transport and delivery faster and easier than any other solution on Earth


Turnkey Setup

Set-up on site on any flat surface in 5-10 minutes per unit and come pre-equipped with electric panels, secure windows, LED lights, and key locking doors


Custom Solutions

Modular design technology allows for easily customizable builds to suit almost any on site infrastructure need


Safety & Comfort

Comfortable, safe, well-insulated, and climate-controlled interiors for almost any environment


Solutions for Disaster Response

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