Temporary Housing for Refugees & People Experiencing Homelessness


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At Continest, we believe that whether a person is experiencing homelessness, a refugee fleeing global conflict, or someone who has been the victim of a natural disaster, that all people deserve a private, clean, aesthetically pleasing place to live. Which is why we have taken great pride in our efforts to produce the most comfortable, safe and secure temporary transitional housing units on Earth.

Our turnkey housing units come pre-equipped with all the necessary comforts to provide housing while someone works to get back on their feet.


Our patented, folding technology reduces costs of delivery and emissions by up to 80%


Turnkey Setup

Set-up on site on any flat surface in 5-10 minutes per unit and come pre-equipped with electric panels, LED lights, windows, key locking doors, and thick insulation


Custom Solutions

Modular design technology allows for easily customizable builds to suit almost any on site infrastructure need


Aesthetic Design

Elegant, aesthetic designs for a dignified, community-accepted, tiny home village concept


Temporary Housing Solutions

Ready to drastically slash your logistics expenses and carbon footprint, all while maintaining top-notch quality, safety and comfort?

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