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Continest the leading foldable container solution


Continest: The Global Leader in Modular Infrastructure

Continest manufactures, sells, and leases world-class, innovative mobile office space, temporary housing solutions, and event management infrastructure that help our clients create the most rapidly deployable, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing temporary space solutions on Earth. 

Our solutions have been used for Disaster Recovery, Humanitarian Aid, Event Management, Military and Defense, and as mobile office space by private companies across the nation. 

Continest Worldwide began developing and manufacturing foldable infrastructure in Hungary in 2017, prior to the formation of Continest USA in 2022. 

Since our launch in 2022, Continent USA has built temporary housing and schools for victims of the War in Ukraine, supplied a Rapid Rehousing Response after the wildfires in Lahaina, Maui, provided infrastructure for Formula E, the Ocean Race, and the FIS Downhill World Ski Championships, worked alongside LIDAR and the WHO to build mobile medical aid stations in Uganda, and has been developing transitional housing with cities across the US for people experiencing homelessness.

In the next 12 months, Continent USA plans to introduce Wet Cell bathroom and shower facilities in the US, custom Kitchen designs, and special event infrastructure.

We currently have locations in Long Beach, Sacramento, and Holly Ridge, North Carolina.

IP: Patent Application WO 2019 – 064036, Trademark: WIPO 227509


Foldable technology reduces costs and emissions during transport by up to 80%

Setup and Breakdown of our units takes 5 minutes or less 

Can be easily connected and combined to create custom floor plans

Units can be built two stories high to maximize the use of available space

Turnkey solution with 4 LED lights, 3 windows, key locking doors, and electric panels

Continest solution

Modular, Foldable Container Units

Price: Better ROI due to 80% reduction in transport costs

Focus on Sustainability in Materials & Process

World-class aesthetic design

Custom build-outs


Disaster Recovery

Event Management

Transitional Housing 

Medical Facilities



Oil & Gas

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