Elegant, Sustainable & Cost Effective Infrastructure for Onsite Office Space

Two Story Office Space

Meeting Rooms

Private Offices



Continent provides sophisticated, elegant temporary office space to increase the professionalism, comfort, and productivity of any jobsite.

Our modular office space can be customized to include larger meeting room space, individual offices, and can be stacked two-high to maximize the use of available space, can be set up on any flat surface, and come pre-equipped with LED lights, electric panels, and big bay windows.

Cost Effective

Our patented, folding technology reduces costs of delivery and emissions by up to 80%


Turnkey Setup

Set-up on site on any flat surface in 5-10 minutes per unit and come pre-equipped with electric panels, LED lights, windows, key locking doors, and thick insulation


Custom Solutions

Modular design technology allows for easily customizable builds to suit almost any on site infrastructure need



Aesthetic interior and exterior design for a world-class, professional work space


Temporary Housing Solutions

Ready to drastically slash your logistics expenses and carbon footprint, all while maintaining top-notch quality, safety and comfort?

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