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Continest the leading foldable container solution

Continest is an innovative, market-leading foldable container solution specially developed for temporary infrastructure use. Continest containers can be used in a variety of sectors, including the defense and military industry, disaster management, healthcare, events and festivals, housing, education, construction, and commercial enterprise.

The containers are uniquely developed for quick and easy quick set-up and transport while maintaining sustainability and being environmentally friendly.

Continest has been developing and manufacturing containers in Hungary since 2017. The essence of the Continest foldable solution is that they are uniquely developed for quick and easy set-up and transport. The solution offers an 80% cut in logistic and storage costs, and a similar reduction of CO2 and GHG emissions.

Continest foldable containers debuted at one of Europe’s largest cultural events, the Sziget Festival, in 2017. A year later, they were used as office, accommodation and backstage facilities both in music and sport events in Switzerland, Romania, Italy and Georgia, as well as events throughout Hungary.

In 2019 Continest provided the entire service facility (1,200m2) for the FIS Alpine Ski World Championship in Sweden. Having completed this project with great success Continest managed to become the very first CEE company to be selected FIS Preferred Supplier.

Over the years the company participated at significant exhibitions and trade shows such as the Showman’s Show in the UK, IEASMA – NATOs’ military innovation exhibition in Vilnius, the Saudi National Security and Risk Prevention Expo and ISDEF in Israel, gathering international recognition.

In April 2019 Continest was invited to attend the EU Procurement Forum of the United Nations in New York, this being followed by their participation at the Select USA Investment Summit in Washington, DC.

Continest won second place at the Tech Startup Pitch contest, and the opportunity to attend the 2020 Post-CES Immersion Week in Silicon Valley.

In the next 12 months three main innovation projects were carried out by Hungarian and Dutch Engineers such as the CN20 Solar 20 feet foldable container, the connectable Wet Cell units and the bullet and blast protected foldable version.

Continest aims to succeed both in the event market segment as well as provide innovative solutions to the defense industry. In 2023 Continest was part of a team that won the grand prize of the Canadian Department of National Defence’s (DND) Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program called “Pop-Up City.”

More recently Continest has provided temporary infrastructure solutions to humanitarian aid projects in war-torn Ukraine and fire-ravaged Maui. The CN product line’s versatility, comfort, and safety are key factors to their success in these situations.

IP: Patent Application WO 2019 – 064036, Trademark: WIPO 227509



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