CN Sanitary (WetCell)

MSS International and Continest presents:
CN Sanitary (WetCell)

Designed and produced by MSS International, in close cooperation with Continest. A CN Sanitary (WetCell) is equipped with a regular flush toilet, a sink and a shower. Furthermore, the CN Sanitary (WetCell) comes with a heater for a nice and warm unit as well as with a tankless water heaterto make sure that there is 24/7 warm and comfortable water available for the shower (and the sink).

The CN Sanitary (WetCell) can be connected to a foldable container from Continest, both the CN10 and CN20. Especially when CN10 or CN20 containers are interconnected the CN Sanitary (WetCell) is a perfect supplement to the CN10 and/or CN20. The CN Sanitary (WetCell) can be applied also as a stand-alone unit.

    • Outside dimensions: 2440×1503 mm
    • Inside dimensions: 2340×1403 mm, depending on the panels to be applied by customer wishes
    • Weight: depending on the use of material: 1040 kg

    Can be transported on a truck with 9 units and therefore suitable for approx.
    500 – 800 people depending on circumstances and customers wishes.

    • Water connection: ¾ GK connection, 3.5 Bar
    • Power connection: 12 kVa/380 V/32 Amp
      This is due to the tankless water heater. A heater with a boiler can be applied and will use less power but does not perform as good as a tankless water heater. Depending on the customer wishes, this can be adjusted.
    • Waste connection: 110 mm Ø (Camlock as an option). All connections are fitted inside the unit.

    Toilet, sink and shower use water but all are equipped with water-saving material. Depending on customer wishes, units can be equipped with vacuum systems, saving more water and preventing the production of wastewater.


    Depending on customer wishes, it is possible to apply standardized connections on water and waste,used in that country. Colours scheme, even branding, can be applied; The WETCELL can be supplied with solar panels and ballistic panels in close cooperation with Continest.

    WETCELLS can be hoisted by a crane;
    WETCELLS can be stacked in a warehouse.

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