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Container Kitchen

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Container Kitchen


Combining high-quality kitchen technology equipment in the container kitchen, the ideal design, along with fresh and high-quality food can provide true culinary experiences for the guests.

The Konténerkonyha™ Container Kitchen is a mobile, modular and exceptional kitchen technology solution; the technical design and production of which takes into account specific gastronomic and kitchen technology needs, as well as sustainability aspects.

With the newly developed modular kitchen container, we offer our customers quality kitchen models and premium solutions, with which technological requirements and the desired professional brand image can be flexibly shaped and customized to fit the ideal location and gastronomic concept.

A container kitchen developed according to the customer’s needs can be installed quickly and easily and provides an ideal solution for any event or project requiring temporary infrastructure.

The professional background of Konténerkonyha™ is qualified by two Hungarian-owned companies: Continest, which develops and manufactures foldable container technology, and Skill Trade Kitchen Technology, which designs and develops industrial kitchen technology solutions.

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Why is Konténerkonyha™ Container Kitchen the best choice?

  • modular and mobile
  • complies with international ISO standards or with metric dimensions (3×6 m or 3×12 m)
  • cost-effective design
  • fast project time and delivery
  • sophisticated, brandable design

Areas of use

  • restaurant industry, hotel industry, tourism
  • catering
  • healthcare and defence industry
  • event industry (i.e., sporting events, festivals)
  • institutions
  • urban, industrial and residential areas

Standard equipment

  • 20′ or 40′ container
  • frame: steel structure
  • walls: sandwich panel, polyurethane foam filling (60 mm), galvanized or stainless-steel inner lining
  • electrical equipment: external connectors, distribution panel with automatic breakers, fuses, sockets, 2 pcs 36W lamps, air conditioning if requested
  • outer covering: sintered, wood or stone
  • floor: standard or waterproof design
  • doors and windows: lockable, standard design, openable service window

Dimensions and functions

  • 20′ or 40′ kitchen box
  • 20′ or 40′ café box
  • 20′ or 40′ canteen box
  • 20′ or 40′ canteen PRO
  • 20′ or 40′ event PRO

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