CN Retail Unit

The Lift-Up Canopy and Drop-Down Counter

Make It The Perfect Solution For Any Point-Of-Sale Operation

  • The CN Retail Unit is based on the standard CN20 container. Multiple units can be combined modularly and joined together along either
    the long or the short walls

  • The top panel along the long side wall opens the unit making it ready for service (gas struts ensure smooth and safe opening and closing)

  • The integrated, lockable service table provides a high quality, stable surface

Trademark No. 227509 | Patent Registration No. WO 2019/064036

Logistical advantages

  • 10 units can be loaded and stacked on a standard trailer
  • Decreased logistical and administrative costs (e.g., entrance permits) by 80% due to its stackabilty when folded
  • Decreased storage space requirements by 80%
  • A single machine (forklift, telehandler, crane, etc.) can be used to load, unload, set-up, and teardown
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable; provides an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Fast deployment and installation within minutes

Operational advantages

  • Quick: set-up and teardown take only 5-10 minutes on a leveled surface
  • Safe: the unit uses patented hinge technology to ensure stability and teardown can only be initiated using the proper tools and machinery
  • High Comfort: insulated containers can be cooled or heated
  • Mobile, scalable, and modular

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