CN20 Standard

The base we can build upon together

  • Our most popular container solution, the CN20 combines all the benefits of a 20’ ISO fixed frame container with the advantages gained from foldability

  • The units can be safely stacked on top of each other for storage and transport, lowering costs and emissions

  • The CN20 design principles inspire the development of new CN products as we continue innovating

Trademark No. 227509
Patent Registration No. WO 2019/064036
NATO Stock Number CN+20: 5410-51-000-9514
UNGM #739156 I NCAGE code: 2054V

CN20 Standard dimensions

Two CN20 Standard foldable containers meet to create a new space: 2 × CN20 Standard = 1 × 30 m²

Closed6058 mm | 20′ 0″2440 mm | 8′ 0″555 mm | 1′ 9.9″
Open 6058 mm | 20′ 0″2440 mm | 8′ 0″2777 mm | 9′ 1.3″
Interior5820 mm | 19′ 1.1″2314 mm | 7′ 7.1″2507 mm | 8′ 2.6″
WEIGHT1750 kg3858 lb

Logistical advantages

  • 10 units can be loaded on a standard trailer

  • Decreases the logistics as well administrative costs (e.g., entrance permits) by 80% due to its stackability in folded position

  • Decreases the space needed for warehousing by 80%

  • One machine for on and off loading, set-up and tear down (forklift, telehandler, crane)

Operational advantages

  • Quick set up and tear down (on leveled surface 5 -10 mins)

  • Set up and tear down done by 1 crew + 1 operator

  • Easier to move into position when site access is limited

  • Multifunctional – accomodation, office, first aid, storage, or any other purpose

  • Safe – the patented hinge mechanism ensures the unit stays securely open until you intend to fold it with the proper tools

  • Comfortable – panels are insulated and optional AC and heating units can be installed


  • Weight reduction

  • Solar system integration (similar to CN10)

  • Special applications: ballistic resistance, vandalism prevention (guard house)

  • Advanced insulation to prevent heat loss

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