CN20 Standard

Continest is a market-leading foldable container solution, specially developed for the purpose of relatively short-period usage anywhere there is a need for handling large crowds for lodging, office/meeting, cash desk, but even storage, cooling and heating purposes.


  • SIZE
    • Closed: 6058×2440×555 mm
    • Open: 6058×2440×2776 mm
    • Inner height: 2504 mm
    • Inner width: 2315 mm
    • Inner length: 5791 mm
    • 1850 kg (1 truck=10 units)
    • 10 units can be loaded on a standard trailer
    • Decreases the logistical as well administration costs (eg. entrance permits) by 80% due to its stackability in folded position
    • Decreases the space needed for warehousing with 80%
    • It can be on and off loaded, setted up and teared down with the same machine (forklift, telehandler, crane)
    • Quick set up and tear down (on leveled surface 5-10 mins)
    • Set up and tear down done by 1 crew + 1 operator
    • Limited site access
    • Multifunctionality – accomodation, office, first aid, storage or any other purpose
    • Safe – due to the patented hinge mechanism the tear down of the unit is only possible with the deliberate usage of specific machinery
    • Comfortable – it can be mounted with AC or heating panels
  • R&D
    • Weight reduction
    • Integrated WETCELL containing WC, shower and sink
    • Solar system integration (similar to CN10)
    • Special applications: ballistic resistance, vandalism prevention (guard house)
    • Two CN20 foldable containers meet to create a new space
    • 2×CN20 = 1×30m²

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