CN MTC – Mobile Training Center

The ultimate laserless technology for indoor training

The Mobile Training Center is an innovative solution jointly developed by Continest Technologies Plc. (Hungary) and Guardiaris (Slovenia), which will be presented for the first time in Budapest, at the GSOF 2022 (Global Special Operation Forces) Symposium Europe.

Continest designs and delivers high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions for the defense industry. With the help of Continest’s mobile foldable container solution, the unit, built with a world-class simulation system, can be quickly set-up and equipped on any terrain, and is perfectly suited to support immediate training requirements. Migration, border violations, and terrorism are today’s critical and demanding issues which need rapid compact solutions.

Small Arms Mobile Trainer

  • Laserless

  • Small arms & light weapons

  • Anti-tank weapons

  • Marksmanship scalable and tactical 

  • Scalable

  • Full mobility

SAMT is a revolutionary laserless mobile small arms trainer for comprehensive marksmanship and tactical training in one system.

Patented key features

  • First-ever laserless indoor simulation trainer
  • Mobile, modular, scalable design
  • Quick, straightforward setup
  • Full freedom of trainee’s movement
  • One or multi projectors configuration
  • Exact ballistics for MANPATS
  • Comprehensive 4D After-Action Review
  • Seamless integration with other simulators: RWS, 8×8, mortar, FO
  •  HLA interoperable

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