CN MTC – Mobile Training Center

The ultimate laserless technology for indoor training

Small Arms Mobile Trainer

  • Laserless

  • Small arms & light weapons

  • Anti-tank weapons

  • Marksmanship scalable and tactical

  • Scalable

  • Full mobility

SAMT is a revolutionary laserless mobile small arms trainer for comprehensive marksmanship and tactical training in one system.

Patented key features

  • First-ever laserless indoor simulation trainer
  • Mobile, modular, scalable design
  • Quick, straightforward setup
  • Full freedom of trainee’s movement
  • One or multi projectors configuration
  • Exact ballistics for MANPATS
  • Comprehensive 4D After-Action Review
  • Seamless integration with other simulators: RWS, 8×8, mortar, FO
  •  HLA interoperable

Fully mobile and expansion ready

SAMT is packed in a ruggedized case, created for easy transport. Each SAMT unit is selfcontained, and ready to run the system in the shortest possible time. It turns each facility into a military training site.

Weapon agnostic

Mounted on the Picatinny rail of any modified real weapon, weapon replica, or installed inside a weapon replica, the SAS module ensures any weapon type can be used in the SAMT.

Constant trainee and weapon performance monitoring

Instructors can monitor soldiers’ performance in real-time and provide feedback even during an exercise. A database enables fast data collection, filtering and aggregation for comprehensive analysis and After-Action Review.

Unique 4D after action review

After-Action Review collects actionable data in realtime and interprets them for comprehensive analysis. It monitors performance on an individual or squad level. It calculates and displays key performance indicators and enables 4D training replay from the shooter or any other vantage points.

Guard simulation technology

Guardiaris solutions are driven by the proprietary GUARD™ image generator. Advanced real-time data capture, AI and simulation of true ballistics offers diverse training possibilities in a highly realistic environment.

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