Advanced technology with proven track record

Thanks to foldability, we decrease 80% of the logistic burden (i.e., transport, storage) and the same amount of CO₂ emissions.

  • Mobile, scalable and modular

  • Environmentally friendly 80% reduction of CO₂ emissions

  • Fast deployment complete installation within a few hours

  • High comfort insulated units that can be cooled or heated

  • Cost efficiency in transport & storage

  • Infrastructure for relatively short-term needs in various locations

Fast deployment

  • Quick and easy set up and teardown

    on levelled surface 5–10 minutes / container

  • Staff needed

    1 crew + 1 operator (forklift)

  • Set up and teardown are easy

    staff training is provided by Continest

Combining the advantages of tents and containers

  • Rapidly (re)deployable

  • Comfortable and safe

  • Energy efficient

  • Modular

  • Low eco-footprint

  • -80% CO₂ emissions

Feasability of land transport

Feasibility of air transport

CN10 Standard

When a smaller space is all you need to work, sleep, sell, or play, the CN10 does it all! This foldable container was the first introduced by Continest and continues to inspire innovative solutions for retail sales, lodging, office space, modular buildings, and more. Technical specifications comply with international standards so transport and storage is economical and sustainable.

Closed (mm)30002440495
Closed (feet)9.881.6
Open (mm)300024402624
Open (feet)9.888.6

CN20 Standard

Our most popular container solution, the CN20 combines all the benefits of a 20’ ISO fixed frame container with the advantages gained from foldability. The units can be safely stacked on top of each other for storage and transport, lowering costs and emissions. The CN20 design principles inspire the development of new CN products as we continue innovating.

Closed (mm)60602440540
Closed (feet)19.981.8
Open (mm)606024402750
Open (feet)19.989

CN Retail Unit

CN Retail Unit is an easily deployable, foldable container both for fast, practical and comfortable on-site vending. The CN Retail Unit foldable container gives a 20ft pop-up unit for merchandise, retail, F&B, ticket sales, box office, etc.

As all CN units, it reduces the environmental impact of transportation and construction time, thus transforms event logistics as we know it today.

Lift up canopy and drop down counter – the perfect unit for any point of sale operation
  • The CN Retail Unit has the same design principles as the standard CN20. They can be combined and linked to each other either on the long or the short side.
  • The long side can be opened up (gas spring provides smooth function and safety).
  • It has an integrated, lockable service table with a quality surface.
  • The technological design is the highest quality. Sidewalls are made from PIR foam sandwich panels, heat and sound insulated, waterproof and flame retardant (B1). The invisible folding hinge with self-locking system supports the safe and reliable operation.


CONTe-GO is a standard-sized, easy-to-transport, industrial grade premium container with electric vehicle chargers (with Type2 connectors) installed on three vertical walls, so the charging container can charge three EVs at the same time. The system can also charge electric bicycles and electric scooters (using the additional connectors found on the lower portion of the charging wall). In addition, the 1 Suko double plug socket provides the possibility to connect additional smaller charging adapters (e.g., electric motorcycle).

Manufactured in 2023, CONTe-GO is the result of exemplary collaboration by three industry trailblazers. It is a mobile and modular device that can be placed at any location, and can be safely put into operation in minutes when connected to the provisional electrical power grid.

The professional quality system installed in the container manages the energy regulation and the protection necessary for safe and optimal charging.

Modular housing

On-site accomodation

Both CN10 and CN20 units can be utilized to create modular homes for projects of various size and demand. The advantages are the following:

  • Fast deployment
    10 stacked 20′ standard units fit on 1 truck

  • Modular systems

  • Various configurations
    Single, double, family homes, office, etc.

  • Insulated walls/roof/floor

  • Plug-in solutions
    built-in windows, doors, cables, LED lights, plugs, etc.

  • References in the EU, UK, and Ukraine

CN10 Bed-Stay – housing option

Comfortable and portable bedroom units for festivals

Quick and easy to set-up, yet refined, CN10 Bed-Stay is the perfect sleep accommodation for visitors and staff at open-air festivals or anywhere there is a need for relatively short-term accommodation (e.g., military field exercises, emergency humanitarian or disaster situations).

The CN10 Bed-Stay is based on the standard foldable CN10 standard container, in which 2 bed frame systems with mattresses are installed into the floor, so comfortable sleeping accommodations for 2 people can be easily created in just a few minutes.

  • Bed size: 190 × 75 cm
  • Bed height: ~53,5 cm
  • A 199 × 86 × 46 cm (L × W × H) storage space is available under the beds
  • Weight: 1070 kg

CN Sanitary WetCell

CN on site accommodation with sanitary addition

A CN Sanitary WetCell is equipped with a regular flush toilet, a sink and a shower. Furthermore, it comes with a heater to keep the unit warm, as well as with a tankless water heater to ensure 24/7 warm water availability.

The fully equipped sanitary unit can be connected to both CN10 & CN20 containers.

Outside dimensions24401503
Inside dimensions23401403

Container Kitchen

Modular, mobile, ISO standard kitchen containers, with customizable equipment, in selectable colors and personalized branding

Why should you choose the Container Kitchen™ solution?

  • a container that can be tailored to individual needs
  • modular and mobile
  • international ISO standard or metric
  • faster project delivery and build-up
  • sophisticated, brandable design

Areas of use

  • catering industry, hotel industry, tourism
  • medical and defense industry
  • event industry (sports event, festival)
  • institutions
  • urban, industrial and residential areas

Major Music Events & Festivals

  • Volt Festival (Hungary)
  • Balaton Sound (Hungary)
  • Sziget Festival (Hungary)
  • Echo Wave (Georgia)
  • Electric Castle (Romania)
  • Royal Arena Fest (Switzerland)
  • Showman’s Show (UK)
  • Glastonbury Festival (UK)
  • Openair Frauenfeld (Switzerland)
  • Sweden rock festival (SWE)
  • Way out west (SWE)
  • Rosendal Gardenparty (SWE)
  • Lollapalooza (SWE)
  • Rammstein (NOR)
  • Justin Bieber (NOR)
  • Trondheim sommertid (NOR)
  • Øyafestivalen (NOR)
  • Stavernfestivalen (NOR)
  • Kongsberg jazzfestival (NOR)

Notable Sporting Events

  • FIS Ski World Cup Adelboden (Switzerland)
  • FINA World Swimming Championship (Hungary)
  • FIS Alpine World Ski Championship (Sweden)
  • Formula One (Hungary)
  • FIA Formula E (London)
  • FIA Formula E (Monaco)
  • Rugby World Cup (England)
  • Commonwealth games (England)
  • UEFA EURO 2020
  • World Athletics Indoor Championships (Belgrade)
  • Holmenkollen skifestival (Norway)
  • World cup alpin Kvitfjell (Norway)
  • Norgescup Biathlon (Norway)
  • R&A, 127th Golf Championship (England)

Continest markets

Continest foldable containers are used in nearly 30 countries

Global Marketplace:

  • Europe
  • North America – Canada, USA
  • Australia
  • Middle East – Israel
  • Gulf countries – KSA, UAE
  • Africa – Uganda
  • Asia – South Korea

Most important market partner countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Scandinavia – Norway, Sweden

Production capacity

  • Hungary – inhouse engineering and manufacturing
  • United Arab Emirates – DUBAI, contract manufacturing
  • USA – contract manufacturing

References & Awards

The Green Supplier & Innovation Award
“Winner” – gold certification; The Showman’s Show 2019, Newbury, UK

FIS – International Ski Federation
“Preferred Supplier” 2019

Farm Business Innovation Awards
“The Grand Prize” 2020 – Birmingham, UK

TOP 10 Innovation Awards
TOP 100 Media/NKFIH 2020

Green Guardians
Event Infrastructure Pioneers Award IQ Magazine 2020

Hungarian Defence Innovation Special Award
TOP 10 Innovation Gala 2021

MH Modernization Institute Innovation Award
Military Technology Research and Development Day 2022

10 Most Innovative Healthcare Product Awards 2022

Select USA Tech Pitch Awards
“First Prize” 2022 – Washington D.C., USA

Green Brands
Hungary Quality Seal 2023

Continest Factory

  • European production site (Hungary)

  • Highly skilled professionals perform in-house top-quality engineering and manufacturing

  • Production output is 2000+ foldable container units annually

  • International design and engineering team of industry-leading innovators