CN CEC – Continest Expeditionary Camp

This concept was developed with the aim to provide the necessary mobility, safety and energy efficiency that is needed for any military unit that has to perform activities in distant and hostile environment. One of the main focuses of the CEC was to develop a system that can be efficiently relocated, as well brought back to its initial base once missions are over. By achieving reputriation of the CEC systems repatriation the high infrastructure costs as well the security issues of foreign missions can be significantly optimized.

    • usage of rockwool panels (RW) with an A2-S1 D0 (non-combustible material,European Standard EN 13501-1)
    • placement of the fuse board at 200 cm height, in line with the Israeli electrical code
    • usage of energy efficient, dimmable LED panels
    • two-pole sockets with protective contact (AC 16 A 250 V 50Hz) for unrestricted use secondary safety for the end user)
  • SIZE
    • Closed: 6060×2440×540 mm
    • Open: 6060×2440×2750 mm
    • Inner length: 5830 mm
    • Inner width: 2310 mm
    • Inner height: 2470 mm
    • 2250 kg
    • 3 x double socket (NN) type F (CEE 7/3 – two-pole sockets with protective contact AC 16 A 250 V 50Hz) for unrestricted use.
    • General lighting, switchable ON/OFF with an illuminance of 200 lux (reference height of illuminance: 0,75 m above ground) energy efficiency class: A++ in accordance with “Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC” (Regulation 874/2012/EU Annex VI).
      Dimmable LED panels of 300×1200 mm
    • Electrical switch box on a foldable panel at 2m above the floor level of the container – In case of the “IDF” version.
    • Grounding.
    • Durable rubber electrical cables.
    • 32A 3 phase incoming and outgoing connection for further container electrical supply.

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