CN SU20 (Solar)

The CN SU20 model is developed with the aim to provide vital support during the first phase of deployments when reliable, independent energy resources are critical to the success of any mission.

Normal battery pack 48 V 300 AHAQuantityUnit
14400 Wh (880×363×305,7) 160 Kg
Battery cell 300 AHA16 pcs
Battery management1pcs
Terminal and Cover16pcs
Long life battery pack 48 V 400 AHAQuantityUnit
19200 Wh (1040×461×285) 216 kg
Battery cell 400 AHA16 pcs
Battery management1pcs

    Industrial lithium cell with high energy density, made on the safe LiFePO4 technology. Can be recharged at any state of discharge – no memory effect. LiFePO4 is a very safe technology, no spontaneous combustion, does not react with moisture or with oxygen.

    • Eliminates the need of power generators
    • Eliminates the need of fuel storage and supply
    • ”Stealth mode” due to zero noise emission during operation
    • Hybrid system with built in intelligent command unit for grid or off grid mode
    • The solar panel and inverter system can be optimized for specific climate areas
    • Additional power banks can be provided next to the built-in battery capacity to ensure higher and/or longer energy output
    • Ultra-rugged glass-glass walkable solar panel which resist physical impact
    • Remote monitoring and control of the solar and battery system either via Bluetooth (20 m range accessibility) or web (global accessibility)
  • R&D
    • Developing vertical solar surfaces on the side panels and solar sun-blinds for higher power generation capacity
    • Increasing the energy storage capacity by installing a battery”
    • Developing AC system compatible with the solar energy resources

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