CN BW (Ballistic Wall)

The BW can be customized to the standard size of both the CN10 and CN20 units. Standard frame height of the BW is 200 cm, which can be adjusted, depending on customer request.

The BW was developed with the aim to provide protection to the on field personnel, while optimizing weight, thickness and cost. The system can be implemented on site,on those sides of the units which are exposed to threat. Connection of the BW to the CN units is quick and simple.

  • All plates and panels are EU & USA manufactured
TypeWeight (kg/m²)Thickness (mm)Max. dimension (mm)MaterialProtection levelV50 FSP 17 gr (m/s) (STANAG 2920)Final use
LARS 80/F68,372200×1300Aramid+ThermoplasticNIJ 0108.01-IIIA580Spall Liner
LARS HPPE/2020,0221600×1000UHMWPENIJ 0101.04-III+900Armouring Vehicles

CN Deployable Checkpoint

Deployable multifunctional & modular solution

Can be easily deployed and setted up in any climate and risk environment.

The system can generate its own power need and provide the suitable protection level to different threat levels.

The fit out can be medical, civilian or any other function.

The units can be delivered fully equipped with surveillance systems on the checkpoint as well with perimeter protection systems.

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